Solar Energy in NC

Solar FB-Cover04

When you think of North Carolina you probably think of barbecue, sweet tea and ACC basketball. Now, it’s time to add solar energy to the list!  While many sectors of the economy are struggling, clean energy is booming! In an effort to recognize the contributions of solar energy to North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory declared June 2013 Solar Energy Month.

Our industry, economy and state may be changing, but our values of family, community and goodwill will always remain the same.

It’s Time We Demand the Freedom to Choose Solar Energy!

In most other states, third-party companies pay homeowners to lease their land or rooftop and install solar panels. In exchange, the homeowner usually signs a long-term contract for energy that is often much less expensive than they could get through their local energy company.

In North Carolina, homeowners are forced to pay out-of-pocket for solar panels. They do not have the option to purchase the energy produced by the solar panels they purchased outright, without going through a regulated utility like Duke Energy.

It’s time for North Carolina to get on the right side of history.

For more information, fact sheets and updates, check out the NC Sierra Club Solar page!

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