* FrackUpdate 2/22 – NY Ordinance, Leaks, Pipeline

FrackUpdates Feb.16-22
No Votes Taken in Special Session 
Thanks to all of you who contacted your Representatives to ask them to vote against a resolution to override the veto of Senate Bill 709! (The Senate has already voted to override last year, but it takes BOTH chambers overriding with 60% vote in order to make the bill law). If you haven’t already heard, the special House session last Thurs did not NOT take any votes on legislation or veto overrides—thanks to our legislative allies for showing up from across the state!COMING UP- PUBLIC HEARINGS ON SHALE GAS STUDY! 
Tues., March 20th 6:30-9:30 PM – Sanford, Dennis A. Wicker Center, 1801 Nash Street
Tues., March 27th 6:30-9:30 PM – Chapel Hill, East Chapel Hill High School Auditorium, 1709 High School Rd. 
New York Town’s Ban on Gas Fracking Upheld by Judge
“A central New York town can block natural-gas drilling after a state judge, in the first test of local laws, upheld the Town of Dryden’s ban on hydraulic fracturing.
State Supreme Court Judge Phillip Rumsey in a ruling released yesterday said the town’s zoning amendment on gas drilling wasn’t pre-empted by state law.” Feb.22, Bloomberg Debate Surround Race to Export America’s Natural Gas
“Multinational energy firms and some economists say exporting natural gas is a no-brainer: the cost of producing natural gas in the United States has plummeted with the explosion in shale gas production, while prices remain high elsewhere in the world.” Feb. 21, Inside Climate NewsFalling natural gas prices may slow fracking issue in NY
“It all raises the question: Has New York missed the gas-drilling boom? Most experts say no, but several said low natural-gas prices could have an effect on the pace drillers set in New York should the state allow high-volume hydrofracking.” Feb. 21, the Poughkeepsie Journal (NY)
Gas Drilling May Be Leaking Twice as Much Gas as Thought
“(Research) performed by scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, focused on Weld County, Colo., home to more than 20,000 gas wells. After years of monitoring and study, the researchers estimated that about 4 percent of the methane produced by these wells is lost to the atmosphere.” Feb. 9, Inside Climate News
Davidson College protest plans for gas pipeline
“Davidson College says a pipeline Piedmont Natural Gas plans to build across its campus would damage the college’s 200-acre nature preserve, the site of years of research.” Feb. 21, Charlotte Observer
Fracking Rules to Disclose Fracking Chemical Exceptions
“Last week several media outlets obtained the federal Bureau of Land Management’s draft of proposed rules requiring fracking companies to disclose the chemicals they pump into the ground.” Feb. 16, ProPublica
Study: Fracturing no threat to groundwater 

“Hydraulic fracturing in shale formations “has no direct connection” to groundwater contamination, a study released Thursday concluded.” Feb. 16, the Houston Chronicle

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