“We’re realizing these days that we have no chance of fighting climate change and creating a clean energy economy, much less protecting wildlife and wild land, if we can’t also protect our democracy.”
– Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club

“By decimating the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court attacked the very principle of equality in our democracy. Many of the communities scarred by voter suppression are the same places where the worst environmental injustices occur – and things will only get worse without the protection of the Voting Rights Act. Nothing short of our children’s future is at stake. That is why the Sierra Club is demanding forceful action to right this wrong and protect every American voter. ”
– Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club

Protect Enviro Democracy

An important part of the Sierra Club mission is to endorse and support candidates who are best for the environment. If you would like to be a part of our Political Committee, please contact our Political Chair Steve Copulsky.

Election Changes for 2014

On your ballot:

  • Straight party voting will no longer be available.
  • The party of the Governor determines the party order of the ballot.

Voting in person:

  • Voters must vote at their precinct (no “out of precinct” voting).
  • Picture ID will be asked for at polls but not required for voting until 2016.

Voting early:

  • Early voting begins the 2nd Thursday before the election.
  • Voters must be registered 25 days before the election (no same day registration).

Voting by mail:

  • Absentee requests must be made on State Absentee Request Form.
  • Absentee’s must be witnessed and signed by two (2) witnesses or notarized by one (1) notary.

For candidates:

  • The maximum campaign contribution is $5,000 (except for candidate spouses).

Voter Registration

Check your Voter Registration record.

Update your Voter Registration record.

Register to Vote.

Candidates and Elected Officials

Candidate Filing List

Elected Officials:
Listing of all elected officials  and their contact information.

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