* Keystone XL – It’s not over yet!

Sierra Club Press Release


February 27, 2012

Contact:  Eddie Scher, 415-977-5758
Maggie Kao, 202-675-2384

TransCanada Announces Plan to Circumvent Environmental Review to Build Rejected Tar Sands Pipeline in US

WASHINGTON, DC – TransCanada, the company behind the rejected Keystone XL tar sands pipeline today sent a letter to the US State Department announcing its intention to circumvent US environmental review and build the southern portion of the proposed crude oil pipeline from Cushing, OK, to Port Arthur, TX. In the month since President Obama denied the permit the company has undertaken an unprecedented lobbying and public relations effort to gain approval for the pipeline.

In response, Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director, issued the following statement:

“TransCanada is hell bent on bringing tar sands, the world’s dirtiest oil, through America to reach foreign markets. They can’t wait for a fair, scientific environmental review they know their pipeline would fail. So we see dirty political tricks, dirty PR tricks, and, now, this dirty trick to build the pipeline piecemeal.

“With TransCanada it’s ‘safety last.’ The first US Keystone pipeline averaged a leak a month. But the company can’t wait to divert tar sands crude oil from the Midwest to the Gulf, raising American oil prices and, likely, also gasoline prices. This Oklahoma to Texas segment of the Keystone XL pipeline will mean more tar sands converted to diesel and available for export overseas.

“With this announcement TransCanada is telling the Americans that it is above the law. The company did not expect public scrutiny on this project, but the American people are watching and we are unwilling to sacrifice American farmers and ranchers, and the drinking water for millions of Americans whose water supplies lie below or downstream of this dangerous pipeline.”


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* We Did It! Keystone XL Pipeline Stopped

Thanks to all that made calls, sent emails, went to Wasington, DC, and took other action to oppose the tarsands pipeline. Her is the Sierra Club press release about the announcement:

Sierra Club Press Release


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January 18, 2012

Contacts: Maggie Kao (202) 675-2384
Eddie Scher (415) 815-7027

Sierra Club Applauds President Obama for Rejecting the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

State Dept. Determines Project is Not in the National Interest

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Obama Administration determined that the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is not in the national interest and announced that it will formally deny a federal permit for the proposed pipeline put forth by Canadian oil giant TransCanada. The 1,700-mile pipeline would run through six states, carrying toxic, highly corrosive tar sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to refineries and ports in Texas.

In response, Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, issued the following statement:

“The Sierra Club and our 1.4 million members and supporters applaud the President today for delivering a decisive victory to Americans who want clean air to breathe and safe water to drink.  Today’s decision represents another down payment on the Administration’s plan to move our country beyond oil.  To paraphrase Vice President Biden, today’s news is a Big…Deal.

“President Obama’s announcement is an outright rejection of Speaker Boehner’s cynical attempt to play political football with Americans’ health.  Unfortunately, we know that Big Oil and their cronies in Congress will not give up their endless pursuit of profits at the cost of Americans’ health and prosperity.

“We thank the President for listening to the concerns of American farmers, landowners and people who care about clean air, clean water and our climate future.”