2016 Endorsements

Press Release, March 2, 2016

Contact: Steve Copulsky, NC Sierra Club Chapter Chair, 704.543.7493, scopulsky@mindspring.com

Sierra Club Announces Local Endorsements

The North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club announced today the following endorsements in the Mecklenburg County area.

  • NC Senate District 40 – Joyce Waddell
  • NC House District 100 – John Autry

In announcing the endorsements, Steve Copulsky, chair of the NC Sierra Club, praised Senator Joyce Waddell stating, “Senator Waddell has an excellent environmental voting record in her first term in office, including co-sponsoring a bill to promote energy efficiency. Waddell also voted against House Bill 765, which included rollbacks of environmental protections.”

Copulsky also complimented Charlotte City Councilman John Autry for his accomplishments as Chair of the City Council Environment Committee by noting, “Autry helped gain approval of a community-wide sustainability plan and promoted clean air and clean water standards.”

Founded in 1892, the Sierra Club is the oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.  The North Carolina Chapter has over 60,000 members and supporters.