Happy 70th Birthday Smokey Bear!

OK, I admit it. I’m a Smokey Bear fan.

What better way to celebrate Smokey’s birthday than to get out and enjoy our great outdoors, safely. The only thing better would be do do all that you can to preserve and protect our NC forests and parks. Think of a way to enjoy and celebrate Smokey’s 70th birthday anytime during the month of August.

Happy birthday, big guy…

Since his birthday on August 9, 1944, Smokey Bear has been a recognized symbol of conservation and protection of America’s forests. His message about wildfire prevention has helped to reduce the number of acres lost annually to wildfires, from about 22 million (1944) to an average of 6.7 million annually today. However, wildfire prevention remains one of the most critical issues affecting our country. Many Americans believe that lightening starts most wildfires. In fact, 9 out of 10 wildfires nationwide are started by humans. Wildfires sparked by humans are most commonly caused by campfires left unattended, trash burning on windy days, careless discarding of smoking materials, BBQ coals, and operating equipment without spark arrestors.

Smokey 70th

Love this short video!

Want to learn more about Smokey? Click below to rad about the history of Smokey Bear.

Smokey Bear HistorySmokey Bear History

 Finally, check out this interesting graphic showing images from Smokey over the years…

Smokey-collage 70



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