Will NC State Parks closed to the public? – Take Action!

North Carolina Chapter Sierra Club

Dear friends,

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Imagine you and your family head out for a summertime visit to a state park you’ve been wanting to visit for a long time.  Only to your dismay, when you finally get there, there’s a “closed for private event” sign by the entrance.

Couldn’t happen, you say?  Not here in North Carolina.

Well, it’s about to.

The McCrory administration is poised to issue the first-ever permit to rent the main attraction of a state park for exclusive use of a private group.  And this won’t be the only such permit–just the first.

We need your to help today remind the Governor and legislators who state parks belong to!

Here’s the backstory.

A provision was put in a bill at the legislature that would allow the Secretary of the state environmental agency to raise the speed limit in state parks. That might not sound like a big deal, but read on.

Political donors to the governor who own a winery in Surry County have partnered with a vintage car group to request exclusive use of the road on September 11 to the summit of Pilot Mountain State Park. If that’s not enough to get your goat, get this: the public would be shut out of our state parks for this event and others like it!

Click here to tell the governor and your legislators that our state parks belong to all North Carolinians, and they should be open and available to us. State parks should not just be available to those who can afford to rent them out.

Depriving the citizens of North Carolina of access to one of their state parks is a serious matter.  So serious, that if we are heading down that road, it should be properly discussed and debated, not snuck into a bill without explanation.

Click here to ask your lawmakers to stand up to the McCrory administration’s efforts to shut the public out of their state parks.

Thanks for standing up for our state parks and the right for all North Carolinians to enjoy them.


Zak Keith
Lead Organizer for the NC Sierra Club

P.S. – Our state parks should be available to the pubic, not rented out for exclusive private use. We need you to speak up on this now!

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