Register by July 31 for Our Wild NC Wilderness Challenge

The Sierra Club Explore Our Wild North Carolina program is an opportunity to get out and explore some of the great natural treasures in our state. You may participate in organized outings or on your own. The record is an honor system but please have someone at the site initial your record and tell them about the program. When you have finished all 14 areas bring the record to your local Sierra Club meeting or email to to receive your award.

To register and receive a free Wilderness Explore patch, sign up at by July 31st!

Wilderness Explorer Patch

For additional information, go to and

Have a great adventure!

North Carolina Wilderness Areas:

Birkhead Mountains Wilderness

Ellicott Rock Wilderness

Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness

Linville Gorge Wilderness

Middle Prong Wilderness

Shining Rock Wilderness

Southern Nantahala Wilderness

Swanquarter Wilderness / Lake Mattamuskeet Area *

Catfish Lake South Wilderness / Pocosin Wilderness / Pond Pine Wilderness /Sheep Ridge Wilderness / Croatan National Forest *

Craggy Mountain Wilderness Study Area

Harper Creek Wilderness Study Area

Lost Cove Wilderness Study Area

Overflow Wilderness Study Area

Snowbird Wilderness Study Area

* Due to limited accessibility, a visit and activity in any of these areas qualifies for the program.

NC Wilderness and WSA Map


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