Protect Our Democracy: Important Mecklenburg Elections Board meeting July 29

The following is an action alert from Democracy North Carolina about an upcoming meeting to determine our fall voting schedule. Please support.

Protect Enviro Democracy

Dear Mecklenburg County Supporters,

There will be an important meeting of the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Tuesday, July 29, at noon at the Board of Elections office located at 741 Kenilworth Ave. in Charlotte. We need you there!

Throughout June and July, advocates have been attending county meetings all over the state and making a huge difference! The 3-member board (2 Republicans and 1 Democrat) will be discussing Mecklenburg County’s early voting plan for the November election. The public can attend the meeting and comment about potential locations for early voting sites, evening and weekend voting hours, and more.

From October 23 to November 1, 2014, Mecklenburg County is required by law to open enough voting sites and hours to total up to at least 1,475 hours of early voting (based on what it provided in 2010). The only way the county can provide less time is to get a “waiver” from the State Board of Elections which requires a unanimous vote by every member of both the county and state elections boards.

Democracy North Carolina encourages local advocates to push for strong early voting plans, including hours on both Saturdays at all the early voting locations and possibly on Sunday, too, if you have support of a board member. Evening hours also allow people to vote after the work day.

Click here for a guide to learn more about early voting plans.

Show up and show your support for a strong early voting plan for your county!


Robert Dawkins

Western NC Organizer

Democracy North Carolina

Early Voting PlanEarly Voting Advocacy


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