Happy 40th Birthday Mecklenburg Park and Rec!

Thanks to all the great Park & Rec staff that work so hard to preserve, protect and help us enjoy our natural treasures!

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Celebrates 40 Years of ‘Recreating All Year’

July is a BIG month for your Park and Recreation Department. The department will recognize National Park and Recreation Month and celebrate its 40th birthday!

Help celebrate by enjoying a new activity this month:

  • Visit a park or nature preserve
  • Take a run or ride your bike on a greenway
  • Participate in a recreation or fitness center program
  • Tee off at one of five Park and Rec golf courses, or try disc golf at one of our 15 courses
  • Cool off at the Aquatic Center, Ray’s Splash Planet, an outdoor pool or sprayground
  • Go camping at McDowell Nature Preserve – don’t forget the s’mores!
  • Hit the lakes and launch your boat at one of our many launches or rent a canoe at Latta Plantation Nature Preserve
  • Go mountain biking – we’ve got over 40 miles of trails just for you and your bike
  • Go fishing in any of our lakes or ponds. With over 27 miles of shoreline and numerous fishing piers, you will find a favorite spot.
  • Visit a Historic Site and learn about Mecklenburg’s past
  • And so much more!

Visit www.parkandrec.com to learn more.






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