Speaking at Charlotte City Council Meetings

Attending and/or speaking at a Charlotte City Council meeting is a powerful way to take part in our democracy. Here’s some information about the meetings to help you better understand the process and prepare to speak out on environmental issues.

Charlotte City Council Weekly Meetings

How To Sign Up to Speak at a Council Meeting (from Government website)

Call the City Clerk’s Office at 704-336-2248 and request to speak by giving your name, full address, daytime telephone, and subject. This information is placed on a Speaker’s List for the Mayor to follow during the meeting. During the Council meeting, as your name is called, approach the speaker’s stand and begin. The City Clerk’s timer will ring when your time is up.  See Official Rules below.

Visit the City Clerk’s Office
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, 7th Floor
600 East Fourth St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Web On line Speaker Sign-Up Form

Fax your name, address, daytime phone number and subject to 704-336-7588

Council’s Meeting Schedule for exact dates.

Official Rules of Procedure for Addressing City Council:
Persons desiring to address the City Council shall call the office of the City Clerk and give their name, address and subject matter to be discussed. Any person unable to give advance notice prior to a Council meeting, shall fill out the card available for this purpose and hand it to the City Clerk (at the meeting). Persons desiring to speak on a non-agenda matter will be recognized to speak at the Citizens Forum preceding designated Council meetings. Persons desiring to speak on an agenda item will be recognized to speak when the agenda item is reached.

No person in addressing the City Council, except as otherwise provided herein, shall be allowed to speak more than three (3) minutes unless the Mayor allows an extension of time. The Mayor, as the presiding officer, may in his discretion, subject to appeal, shorten the time for speaking when an unusually large number of persons have registered to speak. Citizens may yield their time to another person or to a spokesperson for a group when addressing a scheduled agenda item. When four or more citizens wish to address the council about the same scheduled agenda item, the time allotted to that presentation will be ten (10) minutes. The Council may allow an extension of this time as they deem appropriate.


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