Will You Send a Happy St. Patrick’s Day Message to Our Elected Officials?

St-Patrick's Day

Unfortunately, there is nothing green about Coal Ash!

Monday is St. Patrick’s Day. What can you do to make sure we don’t have another disaster here in the Catawba River and rivers around North Carolina?


Wish them a Happy St. Patrick’s Day and tell them we will settle for nothing less than Duke Energy’s removal of the coal ash to dry, lined storage areas away from our waterways!

For additional information click on our Coal Ash Legislation Fact Sheet

District Rep Party Phone Number Email
92 Charles Jeter Rep 919-733-5654 charles.jeter@ncleg.net
101 Beverly Earle Dem 919-715-2530 beverly.earle@ncleg.net
102 Becky Carney Dem 919-733-5827 becky.carney@ncleg.net
88 Rob Bryan Rep 919-733-5607 rob.bryan@ncleg.net
104 Ruth Samuelson Rep 919-715-3009 ruth.samuelson@ncleg.net
99 Rodney Moore Dem 919-733-5606 rodney.moore@ncleg.net
100 Tricia Cotham Dem 919-715-0706 tricia.cotham@ncleg.net
106 Carla Cunningham Dem 919-733-5807 carla.cunningham@ncleg.net
107 Kelly Alexander Dem 919-733-5778 kelly.alexander@ncleg.net
105 Jacqueline Schaffer Rep 919-733-5886 jacqueline.schaffer@ncleg.net
103 William Brawley Rep 919-733-5800 bill.brawley@ncleg.net

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